Catabolick E​.​P.

by Catabolick

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All tracks written, performed, and produced by Divinius Saturnus Therion.

Additional keys on "A Curse Upon This Parasite" by Broughty C.

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released March 23, 2014



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Catabolick San Francisco, California

Solo Blakk Metal performed and produced by Divinius Saturnus Therion

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Track Name: A Hymn To That Which Lessens Life

Divine Gardener
Pushing Through
Thee Membrane ov Reality
An Agent ov Chaos
Human Sacrifice
That Others May Live
Thee Slaughter Is No Different
On Thee Battlefield or thee Sheets
To Lessen Thee Life
ov Believers ov Lies
Blind Idiot Killer
Sacred Being
Death Not as a Reaper
As Locusts
Kill to Cure thee Disease
ov Population
A Trap is Laid
Within thee Mind
Inferiority Shall Fall
Victims to Intelligence
Beyond Comprehension
Beyond Morality
Titan Gnosis
Track Name: A Graceful Genocide
Ecstatically Choking thee Fear Subsides
An Old Omen to Coum Doth Realize
Hurricane Breath Into Fire Crumbles
Empires ov Human Arrogance
Within thee Beauty ov Willful Darkness
I Returned To Her Filth and Ruin
Her Filth and Ruin I Drink
Filling My Guts With Her Disdain
Madness In Thee Night ov Carnality
Seizing thee Chance ov Reunion
Disgust and Pain Unburdened
Reeking and Flowing
Her Sex Like an Open Wound
Takes my Purest Seed
For Inhuman Corruption
When Thee Stars Are Right
She Will Return
When Thee Weight ov Dead Kings
Crushes thee Peasants
When thee Smell ov Men
Becomes thee Hostile Stench
She Returns to Bring a Balance
Thee Night into Thee Day
When Acid Rains and Greed Reigns
Nuit Becomes Thee Death Whore Angel
Thee Stars Fall and Crumble
Choking All In Their Graceful Genocide
Ecstatically Choking Thee Fear Subsides
In A Graceful Genocide
Track Name: A Curse Upon This Parasite, Cauterize Thee Wound

A Curse Upon This Parasite
Cauterize Thee Wound
My Blood Is Not Yours
My Vessel Is Not Yours
May A Great Poison Flood
May Your Young Suffocate
May Your Filthy Carcasses
Float Along Thee River Ov Oil
To Never Return
This Blood Is Not Yours
This Wasteland You Must Create To Live
Is Not Your Void
Never Return
You Are Despised
Never Return

With additional keys by Broughty C.
Track Name: This Weak Flesh
Vocals indecipherable.

"This Weak Flesh No Longer Serves.
To Strengthen Thee Soul That Creates
Send Me To Thee Stars"
Track Name: Thee Empty Heart Ov A Lonely Star

Alone, Diseased, and Beaten
Bound and Gagged
Abused and Tortured
Red Walls
Thee Sound ov Hungry Animals
Echoes from Abyssus
Chains Cut Straining Hands
Burning Now
Torn Apart
Lie from Lie
Fires Spill Into Chasms
Blood and Wounds
Boiling Oceans
An Alchemy ov Self-Loathing
Journey Through
To Realize One is Empty
Void Core ov a Cold Star
Empy Soul ov a Blakk Sun
Finished Now
Rip Me Apart
Intoxicate Me With Violence
Against Self-Deceit
Forever Nothing
No More Lies
Forever Nothing
To Inhabit
Thee Empty Heart ov a Lonely Star
Thee Pestilence ov Outdated Lives
Behind Me
Forever Alone, Facing thee Deaths ov Stars
Cradled In My Loving Embrace
Universe Shuts its Eyes...
To Sleep
Freedom Now
Ugly Truth Such Beauty
Freedom In Ugliness
Holding All Fragments Ov Future Past
Resolve Reconfigure
Constant Dissolution
This Fractal Realization
Becomes My Life and Death
Joy in Dissolution
Forever Empty At Thee Core